Cosplay contest @ DreamHack Montreal 2017

Cosplay competition @ DreamHack Montreal 2017

For it second year, DreamHack Montreal will host a Cosplay competition.

We know how long it can take to create a superb cosplay and we want to let you know right now that 3000$ will be on the line for DreamHack Montreal 2017.

Prize pool

Total: 3000$
1st: 1500$
2st: 800$
3rd: 400$
Best show: 300$


The competition will take place on Saturday September 9th.

Date: September 9th
11am – 12pm: Pre-judging for contestants
12pm (noon) – 1pm: Main Show on the Smash stage
1pm: Awards on the Smash stage

All times are in local time EDT


You want to participate in the contest? Fill out this form ! We will contact you 2 weeks before the event to make sure you are still ready!


Vickybunnyangel Cosplay

Credit: Con Mom Photography

Orobas Cosplay

Failena Cosplay


The following rules apply to all contestants and are non-negotiable. If you break these rules, you may be banned from the event & competition entirely or partially during an indefinite time period. The rules can be updated without prior notice.

To be able to compete in DreamHack Cosplay you will need to purchase at least a “Saturday ticket” for 35 CAD+tx available below.
Full info on tickets to DreamHack is available here:

Costume cannot, or otherwise utilize, any edged weapons or any type of projectile weapon regardless of whether it is unloaded or non-functional. Acceptable costume weapon props will be limited to air filled or soft plastic swords, daggers, maces or clubs and wooden staves that are not shod with metal: and may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess.
DreamHack has zero tolerance regarding; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes as well as statements that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and gender identity.
No symbols of provocative theme or racism is allowed, even if this symbol is included in the official art of the characters this should be replaced or picked out of the costume.

Contestants must be able to go on and walk the stage by themselves, props must be carried by the contestant. 1 assistant is allowed backstage. Each contestants will be handed a number and a slot on stage. This slot cannot be changed or traded with another contestant.
Only one entry and registration is allowed per contestant.
Sound, Lights and stage props will all be pre-set. Contestants cannot in anyway affect the DreamHack mainstage settings. Settings will not be individually adapted but adapted for the show and competition in its entirety.

It is possible to participate as a cosplay group, you will then be judge as one entity and the prize money will be delivered to one individual of the group. If you choose to participate as a group, enter all the participants name in the Google form or indicate your team members in the comment section.

DreamHack Montreal Cosplay Contest will be live streamed and recorded and published as a VOD. By signing up to the DreamHack Montreal Cosplay Contest all contestants agree to be photographed, filmed and take part of a live stream on or at a media partner connected to DreamHack.