DreamHack Astro Open

DreamHack ASTRO Open in 2017 will feature the popular team-based FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $100,000 in prize money and 8 top teams competing at each event. In total DreamHack ASTRO Open will take place at 9 gaming festival events across Europe and North America, as DreamHack continues the US expansion, with new festival events in Denver and Atlanta.

Launched in 2012, DreamHack’s premier esports circuit has awarded over $2.2 million in prize money to gamers and is one of the longest running esports tournament circuits in the world.


  • Cloud 9
  • North
  • Immortals
  • Gale Force
  • Complexity
  • CLG
  • Kinguin
  • Luminosity Gaming



12:40 pm: Pre-show
1:00 pm: Group A – Match #1
2:30 pm: Group B – Match #1
4:00 pm: Group A – Match #2
5:30 pm: Group B – Match #2
7:00 pm: Group A – Winner’s Match – TBD vs TBD
8:30 pm: Group B – Winner’s Match – TBD vs TBD


9:40 am: Pre-show
10:00 am: Group A – Elimination Match
1:00 pm: Group B – Elimination Match
4:00 pm: Group A – Decider Match
7:00 pm: Group B – Decider Match


9:30 am: Pre-show
10:00 am: Semi-final #1 – B1 vs A2
1:00 pm: Semi-final #2 – A1 vs B2
5:00 pm: Grand Final


DreamHack Montreal will go down between September 8 – 10th and everybody knows that the best way to watch an esport tournament is live! The only thing you need to enjoy DreamHack ASTRO Open is a valid entrance ticket. You can find them here.

If you can’t attend DreamHack Montreal, we will be streaming the show on multiple platforms live online, such as Twitch and DreamHack.TV.


Each event will consist of six direct invites, issued to teams based on merits through ranking and results. Teams will have the chance to qualify for the events via online qualifiers, each event will feature one qualifier for the European region and one covering North America. For selected events, five direct invites will be issued, one spot for each of qualifiers in Europe and North America, the last spot will be handed to a wildcard team in a region not covered by a qualifier.


The tournament will span across three days and have the eight teams split into groups of four, playing double elimination bracket to determine the two teams advancing to the playoffs. Initial and Winner’s matches will be played best-of-one map, while the remainder of the group stage will be played best-of-three maps. The four teams advancing to the playoffs will compete in a single elimination bracket playing best-of-three maps.


Passes for visitors who wish to compete or spectate onsite are still available for each day of the event on our ticket page. Viewers from around the world who aren’t able to make it out to Montreal will be able to catch all the best games streamed online at twitch.tv/dreamhackcs. Stay tuned to @DreamHackCSGO for more information, including the full tournament schedule, broadcast talent, and the list of competitors.