Esport tournaments @ DreamHack Montreal 2017


DreamHack Montreal 2017 will be part of the DreamHack ASTRO Open circuit! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a major esport for DreamHack, and we are happy to bring it for the first time ever at DreamHack Montreal! $100,000 will be on the line.


DreamHack Hearthstone Grand prix will take place during DreamHack Montreal 2017! What will happen?! Will the one of the well known players take it all, or will a underdog show that he got a few cards up his sleeve and bring glory to the table? The tournament will feature over 200 competitor slots so feel free to grab a ticket and join the madness! The DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix stop at DreamHack Montreal 2017 will feature a total prize pool of $26,500!


DreamHack Smash Championship will be at DreamHack Montreal 2017! There is a total of $20,000 on the line to be fought over, and a lot of pride is at stake. Feel free to grab a ticket and join the action!

Prize pool:
Melee singles: 10 000$
Wii U single: 10 000$
Melee doubles: 1000$
Wii U double: 1000$

More information about the Smash Championship can be found here:

Twitter: @DreamHackSmash
Facebook: @DreamHackSmash

StarCraft II World Championship Series Circuit – WCS Montreal

StarCraft has been one of the longest standing DreamHack esport titles. In addition to the stops at DreamHack Austin, Valencia and Jonkoping the StarCraft II World Championship is coming to DreamHack Montreal for a second year in a row! The competition is well known for hardcore StarCraft II gamers and fans! This years stop at DreamHack Montreal will award players with a prize pool of $100,000!

Twitter: @DreamHackSC2
Facebook: @DreamHackSC2

Capcom Pro Tour – Ranking Event

The Ranking Event season will take place between April and September, featuring high-quality tournaments from all over the world. Players in each region will compete in these tournaments to gain points towards their Regional Leaderboard standing.
Once the Ranking Event season concludes, the Top 7 players from each Regional Leaderboard will qualify for their respective Regional Finals.