Rest Area

You don’t want to sleep on your keyboard and would like some space to sleep?

A free sleeping hall will be available for all BYOC players. Simply bring a couple of blankets and a pillow and you are all set! You can also bring an inflatable mattress!

What to bring

– Sleeping mat, cot or inflatable air mattress.
– Blanket or sleeping bag.
– Pillow.
– Flashlight.
Note that it is difficult to keep your sleeping gear safe in the areas, so bring simple and cheap stuff that is not so valuable. The latest expensive sleeping bag is not recommended because thousands of others have access to area and it is impossible for us to monitor each participant’s belongings. Tag your things clearly, so they become not as interesting to potential thieves!


You don’t want to sleep on the floor and want a better bed? Check out the deals we have for you here.